Maple Fungisol

Maple Fungisol is a immunity builder against all types of Fungal diseases.

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Fungisol, contains extracts of secondary metabolite produced by aerobic fermentation of specific microorganisms. The microbe produces bioactive β amino fatty acid compounds. It is fortified with phenolic compounds and antioxidants. Fungisol works with a unique mode of action of boosting plant resistance and immunity to pathogenic fungi.


  • FUNGISOL helps plants to revive faster from disease stress.
  • Effective against pathogens that developed resistance to chemical fungicides.
  • Its prophylactic and curative properties give excellent and longer control.
  • It is safer to environment, does not allow cross resistance and safer to operators.
  • It does not leave any toxins, so the harvest can be made without any waiting time.

Dosage: 2 ml per Liter of Water / 300 ml per acre.

Application Method: Foliar spray (Early morning / Late evening)

Crops: All Crops

Presentation: 100 ml & 250 ml.

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