Emphasis on research is the need of the hour for developing eco-friendly pest control measures in agriculture to support and encourage organic farming. Farmers require high performing, non-chemical based crop protection products which will not only help them cultivate agri outputs which are free of pests and residues, but also boost agricultural yield significantly.

Due to lack of effective, affordable and eco-friendly technologies to control pests, farmers are left with no choice but to continue spraying harmful and toxic pesticides on crops. This also leads to a large investment burden on the farmers, forcing them to give up farming itself.

With a humble start in 2011, Barrix Agro Sciences Private Limited, an innovative establishment, made its foray into the agricultural sector to touch and profoundly influence human lives. Barrix adopts and develops eco-friendly crop protection methods using the latest technologies. With in-depth study and research on products to support organic farming, Barrix provides innovative and effective products to help farmers. The positive reviews and wide acceptance from customers has paved the way for transforming pest control methodology. With a strong supply chain and dedicated personnel, Barrix empowers farmers and impacts the society and ecology in a positive way.