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Dissolved Oxygen Generator

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OXYGAIN is a unique chemical composition which generates dissolved oxygen and adsorbs noxious gases at the pond bottom. The sustained release formulation ensures a steady supply of fluctuating oxygen level and thus providing healthy growth of prawns, shrimp and fish. It also helps to grow aerobic bacteria which decomposes the harmful organic load in pond.


  • Rapid enhancement of DO level in pond.
  • Maintains the DO for longer period of time.
  • Relieves the stress immediately from shrimp, prawns and fish.
  • Limits the growth of anaerobic bacteria and reduces harmful effect of toxin.
  • Detoxifies noxious gases and substances such as Nitrites and Hydrogen sulfide.
  • Enhance survival and promotes healthy growth of prawns, shrimp and fish.


Low level of Oxygen: 1 kg/Hectare of pond

Oxygen deficiency: 3 – 5 kg/Hectare of pond

(Water depth 1 meter)

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