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Ammonia & Nitrite controller

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AMMO MAGIC is a consortia of different genus of microorganisms such as Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Rhodopseudomonas, Lactobacillus, Bacillus, Saccharomyces and some plant extracts. It is designed specifically to eliminate ammonia and nitrites in aquatic ecosystems.


  • Actively oxidizes ammonia and nitrites by neutralizing their toxic effect on the aquatic life.
  • Helps maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem.
  • Contributes positively to the health of aquatic animal and plant life.
  • Reduces the risk of sickness and death of aquatic animal


For treatment – 1 – 1.5 L /Acre of pond

For prevention – 0.5 – 1 L/Acre of pond

Best result given: On activation

Process of activation

Mix 1 L of Ammo Magic + 1 Kg of Jaggery + 18 L of water and allow to ferme nt for 24 – 48 hrs in a closed vessel away from direct sunlight. Remove gasses (produced due to fermentation) by opening the vessel lid every after 12 hrs. After 48 hrs of fermentation apply entire quantity in 1 Acre pond of 1 meter water depth.

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