Maple EM.1 Environ

Deodorizing municipal solid waste and convert Biodegradable into useful/safe compost and maintain odor free poultry/cattle/piggery farm.

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Maple EM 1 Environ presents the most effective and simple way of deodorizing municipal solid waste and convert Bio-degradables into useful/safe disposable waste which can be used as compost. The greatest benefit of Maple EM.1 Environ is that it consists of a unique consortium of microbes which instantaneously convert the microbial ecology of any decomposing waste heap from a degenerative type into a regenerative type. The advantages are complete control of pathogenic microbes, fly/ mosquito multiplication and foul smell from waste.

The benefits of Maple EM.1 Environ are as follows:

  • The EM fermented garbage is supplemented with useful microorganisms which makes the compost imminently suitable for agricultural use.
  • Can work in any condition.
  • Turning requires once after in 20 to 22 days.
  • C:N ratio is much higher due to presence of microbes.
  • Just spraying on garbage heap is sufficient.-Easy application.
  • EM is safe for human health.
  • It can treat the leachate coming out form the garbage as well.
  • EM can remove the foul smell form decomposed garbage.
  • Menace of flies and mosquitoes suppress to the minimal by application of this technology.
  • EM technology is not only environment friendly but goes a step further to actually protect the environment.
  • It suppresses harmful gases generated form garbage, as per the PCB (Pollution Control Board) norms.
  • EM is very economical.
  • It is helpful in composting of Kitchen waste (degradable).
  • This will be helpful in areas where there is no daily household collection of waste by municipality.
  • Provide healthy environment to the workers.

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