Maple EM.1 Pashuamrut

Eco friendly, safe and organic feed supplement which is given along with the drinking water of the animal (Poultry, Cattle, Piggery, Horses) helps digestive process.
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Product Full Description

It is a feed supplement which is given along with the drinking water of the animal.

The benefits of Maple EM1 Pashuamrut for are as follows:

  • No earthy smell.
  • Decreases skin problems in animal.
  • Improves feed conversion ratio.
  • Maple EM improves the digestive process in animal.
  • Suppresses stomach related diseases.
  • Maple EM suppresses foul odour in Live stock shed and animal waste.
  • With useful microorganisms Maple EM converts animal waste into the compost .
  • Menace of flies and mosquitoes leads to the minimal by application of this technology.
  • It can work in any condition.
  • Maple EM is safe for animal health.
  • It improves animal fecundity.
  • Continuous usage of Maple EM lowers the requirement of regular medicines, antibiotics and disinfectants; hence it helps to reduce the cost of production.
  • Meat, milk and egg produced are in better quality and quantity.
  • EM is very economical.

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