BIO MAGIC - (Liquid) Metarhizium Anisopliae (Stanes)

1.15%WPAND 1.50% LF

BioMagic is based on a beneficial entomophagous fungus Metarhizium anisopliae. It contains the spore and the mycelia fragments at 1 x 108 CFU’s/gm or ml of the product.

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Bio Magic effectively controls most of the economically important pests such as leaf hoppers, grasshoppers, root grubs, corn root worms, bugs, beetles, palm weevils, borers, cutworms, termites etc. It controls the target pest effectively and does not create any resistance or resurgence of pests but rather helps significantly to reduce pesticide residue in the environment.


The application should be given as prophylactic (or) early stages of pest infestations for 2 – 3 applications with 10 days intervals. 

Recommended to apply 2.5 kg/ha or 2.0 litre/ha. A combined application with Nimbecidine achieves more effective control on pests.

Mode of Action:

The spores and mycelial fragments take the nutrients from the insect, proliferates and colonizes the entire insect and thus drains the insects nutrients. The infected insect eventually dies.

Crops Recommended and Pest Controlled

Rice – Brown Plant Hopper (WP formulation)

Rice – Brown Plant Hopper (LF formulation)


Powder – 1.0 kg / acre  and  2.5 kg / ha

Liquid   – 1.0 lit / acre  and  2.0 lit / ha               

Shelf life: One year.

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