Firma - Potting Mix

Potting Mix is an organic ready to use potting mix for potted fruits, flowers, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Its' all-natural ingredients helps healthy growth of plants. Potting Mix is a moisture control mix to absorb excess water & release it gradually to the roots as needed reducing plant stress, enriched with organic plant food for stronger healthier plants.

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Potting Mix Ready to Grow organic potting mix which is mixed of digested Coconut coir, Compost, Vermi compost, Soil conditioner, Enriched organic plant food etc.


Nutrient rich media- Potting mix is highly nutritious which contains different materials which provide all macro, micro and trace elements at all stages of plant growth.

Improves yield Potting mix helps in improving the yield of the plants as it provides the essential nutrients at all stages of plant growth.

It is very light, have high water and air holding capacity and free from disease and weed seeds.


Potting Mix can be used directly to the pot to grow plants without having soil.

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