Bio Cure B - (Liquid) Pseudomonas fluorescens (Stanes)

1.75% WP AND 1.50% LF

BioCure-B is based on an antagonisitic beneficial rhizobacteria, Pseudomonas fluorescens. The product contains the bacterial cells at 1 x 10CFU’s/gm or /ml of the product.

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Biocure-B is an organic product and eco-friendly in nature. It is non-toxic, induces resistance in crop plants. It promotes plant growth by PGPR activity. It can be used in Integrated Disease Management programme. It is an organic certified product. 

Crops Recommended and  Diseases Controlled

Rice – leaf or neck blast (LF formulation)

Wheat – Loose smut (WP formulation)

It also controls a number of other diseases in multiple crops.

Crops Recommended: All crops.


Powder -1.0 kg / acre  and  2.5 kg / ha

Liquid – 2.5  lit / acre  and  6.0 lit / ha

Shelf life:  One year.

Mode of Action: It controls pathogen through different modes of action:

Substrate competition: It controls pathogens by creating competition for nutrients available at the target area and leaf phyllo sphere.

Antibiosis: It controls pathogens by secreting secondary metabolites.

Siderophores production: It controls pathogens by producing siderophores that scavenge iron compounds, making it unavailable to the pathogen.


Seed treatment 5-10 gm or ml per kg of seeds depending upon the seed size.
Seedling treatment 10-20 gm or ml/liters of water. 
Sucker & Bulbs Dip in the suspension of 20 gm or ml/liters.
Drip irrigation 2-3 times at 7-10 days interval at 2.5 kg or 6.0 lit/ha.
Soil application 2-3 times at 7-10 days interval at 2.5 kg or 6.0 lit/ha.

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