Maple ToxiCare

Pond cleaner and Toxin binder

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TOXICARE is safe , rapid acting pond cleaner and toxin binder.


  • Purifies Water: TOXICARE absorbs H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide), NH3 (Ammonia) and other toxic gases from water.
  • Cleans Pond Bottom: TOXICARE absorbs bacteria, suspended solids, waste and dirty material.
  • Increases D.O.: TOXICARE helps to increase the amount of Dissolved Oxygen in the pond bottom with special active elements SiO2 and AI2O3.
  • Helps in reproduction of plankton: Because of improved water quality and special nutrients, TOXICARE helps in better growth and reproduction of plankton.
  • Removes bad odour: TOXICARE absorbs bad odour from water and pond bottom and develops a healthy environment for the prawns/fishes to grow.
  • Improves water quality: TOXICARE with its high CEC improves water quality by adjusting the pH value of the water.


Pond preparation: 50 Kg or more / Hectare

During culture: 15 – 20 Kg or more / Hectare. (Dosage and time can be adjusted based on

prevailing culture conditions)

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